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Our physical therapists are specialized in the aquatic treatment of injuries to muscles, bones, ligaments, joints and nerves. Our goal is to return patients to their normal activities while helping them move and feel better and prevent re-injury in a more pain-free environment.  Aquatic therapy is easy, fun and has less stress on your body.

Initial Visit

During your first visit, a thorough evaluation will be performed by a physical therapist on land and not in the water. During the evaluation, your therapist may perform a series of tests to determine range of motion, muscle strength, postural alignment, abnormalities in walking pattern, body mechanics, or quality of movement. Short and long-term goals will be established in your plan of care.


Under the careful guidance of physical therapists and physical therapist assistants, patients work on a wide range of exercises and activities designed especially for each patient in the aquatic environment. Your physical therapist will utilize the physical properties of the water to achieve your short and longterm goals.  Most exercises are completed standing in chest height water with additional procedures supported in the water if desired.

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