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Integrated Therapy is committed to the highest quality of aquatic physical therapy care. Utilizing the physical properties of the water, our goal is not only to restore patients to their maximum function but also to provide education about the injury and tools for prevention. Integrated Therapy is privately owned for over 22 years by a physical therapist.  At Integrated Therapy, our therapists accompany each patient in the water during all treatment sessions.  Swimming is not required as most of the exercises will be performed while standing in the water using flotation devices or holding onto the side of the pool.

What our Patients Say

"Aquatic Therapy through Integrated Therapy is the way to go. I can't believe these counts as exercise. Doing therapy in the water is wonderful! It's soothing and enjoyable. Everything from the facility to the best PT ever has been a great experience. Liz does a beautiful job of making the patient feel at ease. I was off balance when I began and probably didn't do everything exactly right but she had lots of patience and kindness. This helped me to move forward. I feel fortunate to be in the care of Integrated Therapy!"

    -Stephanie, Raleigh, NC




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